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Innovate your planogramming process using smart merchandising algorithm

Set up merchandising rules and let the algorithm create precise, user-friendly and store-specific planograms for you - 10x faster. Adjust stock level and product placement and get 10% category revenue increase.

10x less

time spent for planogram creation

up to 11%

category revenue 


3-5 times

decrease in planogram creation costs

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Solving most of planogramming’s problems faster and cheaper than competition

About SmartPlan
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Store-specific planograms

The same merchandising rules apply to different stores with different fixtures automatically

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Easily integrated

Smartplan integrates with your ERP. You create intuitive and effective planograms

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Minimal Changes Mode

Use “Minimal Changes Mode”. It creates new planograms with minimal edits to the previous version

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Stock level

Smartplan planogram creation takes into account merchandising rules and stock level

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Smartplan automates routine work, making planogram creation 10x faster

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Multiple fixture types

Non-standard fixtures are treated the same as the rest. No additional time required

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SMARTPLAN increases planogram creation speed 10x

High speed of creation and updates with flexible merchandising rules. Create store-specific planograms in a couple of clicks. No more outdated product placement — automatically distribute up-to-date planograms according to schedule

Automatically generate planograms using any amount of parameters

How it works

Traditional planoram creation process:

Planogramist manually enters all the product on the layout. The process is iterative, because he needs to balance out effectiveness (sales data, stock level) and intuitiveness (visual attractiveness).

Creation of a single planogram takes 2-3 days.

Any update is made manually and leads to cascading changes all over the planogram.

Each individual shop needs its own planogram. Planogram creation process does not scale.

Planogramists can not update planogramming rules themselves. It is done by a service provider with a high hourly rate.

Smartplan planogram creation process:

Planogramist only defines merchandising rules. The program distributes products on the layout according to rules, sales data and stock level. This leads to a 1-10% revenue increase in different product categories.

Any update is done within rules - no more routine work. Planogram is updated automatically, done within minutes.

System creates any amount of store-specific planograms using the same rules. The process is easily scaled.

We teach your staff to set the rules themselves. Planogram creation brings even more value with freedom for layout experiments.

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SMARTPLAN brings category revenue increase up to 11%

The program distributes products on the layout according to merchandising rules, sales data and stock levels. Products, that sell best, get more layout space. The store earns more revenue, turnover increases. Stock level is set still on category average, no wibble-wobble. This leads to up to 11% category revenue increase.

See SMARTPLAN in action

Use cases

Up to 5% uplift in sales for a 19000+ store grocery supermarket network

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Before: 10 merchandisers in HO. Planograms clustered by regions and store size.
Planogram update takes 3 weeks.

After: 6 merchandisers in HO. Three times more clusters by customer behavior. Planogram update takes 1 week.

Result: uplift in sales between 1% and 5%, depending on category. Merchandiser's efficiency improved 13x

Up to 10% uplift in sales for a 400+ store grocery supermarket network

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Before: 10 merchandisers in HO. 5% of categories use store-specific planograms.

After: 5 merchandisers in HO. 50% of categories use store-specific planograms.


Result: uplift in sales between 1% and 10%, depending on category. Merchandiser's efficiency improved 15x

Up to 11% uplift in sales for a 100+ store grocery hypermarket network

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Before: 25 merchandisers in HO. Limited number of categories use planograms.

After: 5 merchandisers in HO. All categories use store-specific planograms.

Result: uplift in sales between 1% and 10%, depending on category. Merchandiser's efficiency improved 10x.

Boosting industry's planogramming process

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Wide range
of brands

More than 150 brand’s products and 200 SKUs distributed on layouts

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Space planning 
on scale

More than 100 000 planograms generates each month

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More than 20k store locations on different continents

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SMARTPLAN launch stages

Launching with SmartPlan is easy. First, we schedule a call to get a sense of the way your business works and your strategic goals. Then we showcase modules of SmartPlan, that are most relevant for you. After we sign the agreement, we start a pilot launch in one or several of your stores. We adjust the product for your specific needs, measure the effect it brought, and then scale it to the whole store network.

Stage 1 - first month

Gather data about the products (sizes, attributes, stock levels, prices, sales data)

Gather merchandisement rules. Make sure we have enough data to make rules work

Gather fixture specifications. Make sure the data represents current real-life situation on store

Stage 2 - second month

Setup rules. Start generating planograms for typical stores.

Iteratively improve planograms. Make more merchandisement rules more accurate.

Generate high-quality planograms as a result. Start mass-producing planograms for store network.

Launch stages

Integrate with your ERP
and other analytical services


Keep your investment - SMARTPLAN integrates with your current software



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On premise

License purchase

We help setup and integrate Smartplan into your software stack

Free Smartplan educational programs for your staff members

Price on request

Free recommendational service for optimized product layout

All integrations to your other retail software managed on our side

We help setup metrics, monitor reports, gain insigths

You only pay planograms we create for you


Space planning as a service

Price on request

Subscription as a service

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All features of SPaS included, but:

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You pay a fixed monthly subscription for our service

Price on request

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Contact us

Contact us

We will schedule a call, get a sense of your business and showcase relevant SmartPlan solutions.

Thanks! We will contact you soon.

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